Donald Trump Answered Random Questions On Twitter Today — Watch All His Video Responses To #AskTrump!

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Well this was pretty inneresting!!!

Donald Trump took part in #AskTrump today, as we reported earlier this morning, and answered questions from random Twitter users about his campaign, his policies, and um… football??

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He gave every one of his answers in video format at the Twitter offices in New York City, so we decided to put together a nice little record of The Donald on social media.

Ch-ch-check out all of his responses (below):

To begin, the first thing he’d do as President:

Then, The Donald spoke about gun control:

Next, Trump couldn’t resist talking about football, so he commented on a recent injury to star Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, and injected a little bit about Tom Brady in there (probably because The Donald just couldn’t help himself):

Next, and this is actually pretty inneresting, Trump claims he’d give up his entire salary if he became President:

One Twitter user asked him his top three priorities upon taking office, and he responded with the border (duh) and two others:

As crazy as it sounds, we all might actually be able to get down with his next (very vague…) idea about student loan debt:

He gave one of the most vague non-answers you can imagine on how he was going to help first responders (police, fire, EMS):

The next user asked The Donald if he had any advice for success in business, and of course The Donald loves to talk about his success in business:

And when it was time for his final question of the day, how would Trump round it all out? Maybe… a coherent tax policy? Thoughts on the education system in America? Even some discussion on social issues like same sex marriage or abortion?

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The Donald finished up with a question about whether Baltimore Ravens‘ quarterback Joe Flacco was elite or not!

Because… football, or something?

Oh well. At least we tried, Internet!

What’d U guys think of The Donald’s #AskTrump session??

[Image via Michael Carpenter/WENN.]

Sep 21, 2015 6:13pm PDT

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