Donald Trump Is Hosting A Twitter Q&A! See The Funniest Questions People Have Asked So Far, And Get Yours In HERE!

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This is gonna be good.

Donald Trump announced on Monday morning that he was going to Twitter‘s New York City offices later in the afternoon to host a Q&A on the social media site!

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Using the hashtag #AskTrump, The Donald implored users to get their questions in:

As you probably expected, the best questions are SUPER serious and important — you know, just like The Donald’s campaign! For instance…

There’s the guy who wants The Donald for his tribute band:

There are abundant references to the many bankruptcies The Donald has intentionally created to weasel out of owing people money bravely endured like a true American hero:

There are questions about Trump’s… um… dashing demeanor:

Considering Trump has made so many unsolicited inappropriate comments about womens’ looks, he deserves that karma.

Some users are posing tough and nuanced policy questions to The Donald:

There’s a reference to the recent #PigGate scandal involving British Prime Minister David Cameron, linked with a slight touch of calling out The Donald on his racism:

There are the people only looking out for themselves (but wouldn’t this be a nice policy? Free Trump money for everyone!):

And there are questions about that time The Donald tried to prove his hair was real:

So, yeah, you get the idea! LOLz!!

Basically, if you haven’t already, you need to be on Twitter right now asking your #AskTrump questions. This is going to end so badly!!!

[Image via JLN Photography/WENN.]

Sep 21, 2015 1:18pm PDT

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