Who Is Shia LaBeouf’s New Lady Love Sasha Lane?! Get The Scoop On The Starlet Who Stole This A-Lister’s Heart!

shia labeouf girlfriend

Love is in the air!

Especially for Shia LaBeouf and his new lady Sasha Lane.

The twosome are still going strong after meeting on the set of their upcoming film, American Honey. In fact, the 19-year-old’s dreadlocks and grunge appearance seems to be on the same page as her rumored, bad boy BF’s look. Anyone remember his rat tail?? We do!

However, it was reported on Tuesday that the brunette beauty wasn’t always the hipster counterpart to Hollywood’s hottest oddball. In fact, before she was an industry newbie, Sasha was a server at a Frisco, Texas Mexican restaurant making $7.25/hour.

Everyone starts somewhere!

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Apparently, the up-and-comer’s passion for acting has taken many people by surprise from her hometown.

One source shared with DailyMail:

“She’s a pretty, nice young lady and it doesn’t surprise me that she has made it this far with her potential and her ability. I think the sky is the limit for where she may go. She was always into basketball and sports. If anyone had told me she would leave school and get into acting I would have said ‘not her.'”

Hmm, very inneresting. Though everyone changes as they get older! And talk about a change — as it was revealed that the teenager used to be a “goody-goody” and an avid attender of pep rallies in High School.

Another insider stated:

“She was always getting her work done and getting her grades. I was always cheating off her, she was an honors student all the way… I honestly never heard her talking about acting. But I could see her transitioning into it because she has the personality and energy.”

Still, as Miz Lane integrates herself more into the A-lister life, we’ve discovered that she’s had quite the Cinderella story.

The source continued:

“I think it was destiny. She was on a trip and somebody from the movies told her she had the look and what it took. That was the beginning. She was invited to various things, it’s been a work in progress but they said she had a face for movies.”

Wow! What a bit of good luck. Nonetheless, the novice is not one opposed to hard work.

The source noted:

“I know that out there in the movie business young people are taken advantage of and exploited but I trust that will not be the case with her. The way she carries herself I think she has a great chance to succeed, but ultimately it’s up to her the make the right choices.”

Aww! What a wonderful insight into the personality of the Transformers star’s lady love. Sasha sounds like a total catch.

As for Shia, we have a feeling that the actress will be a grounding influence for the former Disney darling. Back in July, the item made an appearance at Sasha’s former place of employment where the 29-year-old kept a low profile and even refused to sign an autograph with his alleged GF’s former manager. LOLz!

A former co-worker relayed:

“Sasha was kind of artsy and very bohemian – she definitely had her own unique style and I can see why the movie people would like her.”

It’ll certainly be exciting to see what Shia’s main squeeze will do next once she wraps filming her current project.

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Sep 22, 2015 12:59pm PDT

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