Piers Morgan GOES OFF On ‘Total Douchebag’ Robert De Niro After He Walked Out Of An Interview! Strangest Celeb Feud Ever?!

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When you think of Hollywood’s greatest acting legends, Robert De Niro probably comes to mind!

But if you ask Piers Morgan, he thinks the Oscar winner’s ego needs to catch up with his more recent, not-so-critically-acclaimed slew of films! Writing for The Daily Mail, the journalist describes De Niro as:

“The rudest, most difficult and frankly obnoxious star to interview, possibly in the history of Planet Earth. A man so consumed with his own sense of self-importance that even offering a modicum of consideration towards those charged with trying to help him promote his own movies is beyond him.”

You talkin’ to De Niro, Piers?! Those are some harsh words!

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Morgan’s scathing editorial was apparently written up as a result of The Intern star walking out of a heated interview with journalist Emma Brockes!

According to reports, De Niro took offense to Brockes’ questions about whether he is tempted to go into “autopilot” on set, and her suggestion that the TriBeCa district of New York (you know, where he co-founded TriBeCa Film Festival) was being taken over by bankers!

The two reportedly entered a heated exchange before the 72-year-old cut the interview short due to Brockes’ “negative interference”!

After hearing the story, Morgan took it to his own hands to publicly declare his opinion on the actor, and the other stars who have treated “journalists like dirt.”

The former Piers Morgan Tonight host called out other celebs who have had recently bad interactions with the press, like Robert Downey Jr., Ben Affleck, and Cara Delevingne!

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But Morgan’s biggest beef seems that De Niro “prides himself on being a total douchebag” when his greatest movies were “all made at least 20 years ago,” detailing:

“Robert De Niro needs us a lot more than we need him these days. He’s just too consumed with his own former genius to realise it.”

Wow, we’re actually left speechless! Clearly, actors and reporters don’t always get along, but this write up seems a bit uncalled for.

Do YOU think Morgan is going way overboard with his comments — or could they hold some truth? SOUND OFF in the comments!

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Sep 22, 2015 5:45pm PDT

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