Avril Lavigne Is On Her ‘Way To Good Health’ — Shares Update About Her Battle With Lyme Disease

Avril Lavigne at the doctor's office

Why’s it gotta be so complicated??

Avril Lavigne took to Instagram on Tuesday to update fans about her ongoing struggle with Lyme Disease. The 30-year-old revealed in April that she had been diagnosed with the tick-borne illness and has spent most of the past year bed-ridden.

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The Girlfriend singer posted one snap of her on the doctor’s office exam table with the caption:

“This journey continues ….. Just reach up, don’t give up until you’ve touch the sky ….. We were all meant to fly ….#DrOfficePhotoShoot @[email protected]

In a second picture, Chad Kroeger‘s ex shared an image of her arm next to 13 vials of blood. Yikes!

On my way to good health #TakingCareOfMyself #FuckLymeDiseaseA photo posted by Avril Lavigne (@avrillavigne) on Sep 22, 2015 at 1:55pm PDT

Dang. This seems like a lot for the newly single singer!

Despite the circumstances, we love that Avril seems to be staying positive.

Hang in there, girl!

[Image via Instagram.]

Sep 23, 2015 11:47am PDT

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