Cara Delevingne Goes OFF On Aggressive Italian Paparazzi — Read Her Upsetting Twitter Rant HERE!

Cara's not happy!

This sounds like it would probably be really painful, while being super delicious. But based on Cara Delevingne‘s latest Twitter rant, we’re assuming she only intends for it to hurt.

The model-turned-actress flew from London to Milan to meet up with Kate Moss so they could present for the brand Mango this week, but it doesn’t sound like her trip got off to a great start.

Photo: Cara Looks Flawless At Pan‘s London Premiere!

On Wednesday, she went OFF on social media about how she did not like being mobbed by photographers, writing:

Then she specifically turned toward the Italian paps, saying she felt dehumanized:

A zoo animal??? That doesn’t sound fun! And it certainly put a damper on Cara’s mood:

She even offered to give the paparazzi a taste of their own medicine:

The Pan star provided zero insight into what exactly happened to set her off, but she clearly felt objectified:

Now, you maybe be curious why Cara’s complaining about being hounded by photographers, something that’s just part of the celebrity job description. Well, she addressed one Twitter user who raised that exact question:

She then speculated that cameramen bombard her with flashing lights to antagonize her and cause her to respond violently! Yikes!

But then she follows that by describing what she would do if she COULD get violent, saying:

That’s an oddly specific form of punishment! We’re just really curious what exactly happened to make Cara react this way! They couldn’t ONLY have been trying to snap a shot, could they?

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[Image via Will Alexander/WENN.]

Sep 23, 2015 2:42pm PST

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