Donald Trump Boycotts Fox News Because They Aren’t ‘Fair And Balanced’ Toward Him!

donald trump fox news twitter feud

Apparently he’s taking his ball and going home!

We’re ALL aware of how ridiculous Donald Trump can be at times.

Whether it’s kicking a reporter out of a press conference, or making misogynistic remarks about Megyn Kelly, there’s no doubt, the GOP candidate sure knows how to start a feud.

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Well now, he’s apparently had it with Fox News!

We know, we can’t believe it either, especially after The Donald patched things up with the network president regarding the Kelly incident!

But Trump seems serious this time as he took to Twitter — where the presidential candidate makes all his “serious announcements” — to say:

Awww, that’s weird since they’re usually so “fair and balanced!”

Shortly after he tweeted:

Well it sure sounds like he had a lot more respect for the CBS late night host than he does for Fox!

What do you think, is Donald REALLY calling it quits with the news network or will he come crawling back if his poll numbers start to fall?!

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Sep 23, 2015 3:23pm PDT

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