Marlon Wayans Makes Bad Jokes About Gender Reassignment — Before Giving A Supportive Message To The Trans Community!

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Marlon Wayans totally supports the transgender community — but his jokes about the subject might need a little fine tuning!

The Fifty Shades of Black star went to the grand opening of Big Boy‘s vegan restaurant (which is, apparently, a real thing) Tuesday night when he joked that he wanted a partial sex change so he could expand his branding. He said:

“I’m thinking about getting me some titties. I want to brand bras, man.”

The comedian quipped that he wanted people to say “this motherf****r can brand anything,” before he added:

“But I’m gonna keep my d*ck though. Just to be different! I’m gonna start a trend.”

Hmmm… those jokes aren’t in the best taste.

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But what the actor said right after gives him a pass for his riff.

Putting the jokes aside, Wayans showed nothing but support for the trans community, saying:

“Here’s the thing, I think as the world changes you gotta change old rules, and you gotta make it so it’s for everybody. Those kinds of laws and things should change because now that that’s being integrated into society, I think it’s the respectful, responsible thing to do.”

Well said! The 43-year-old also added:

“Now if only the cops could to the same thing with their rules on black people.”

It sounds like the actor just wants to live in a world where everyone gets along. We totally agree — bad jokes aside!

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Sep 23, 2015 4:37pm PDT

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