Scream Queens Killed Off A MAJOR STAR — Read Our SPOILER Recap To Find Out Who Didn’t Make It Out Alive!

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Talk about a treat!

Last night Ryan Murphy‘s Scream Queens had its two-hour premiere on Fox — and what a premiere it was!

The series stars Emma Roberts as Chanel Oberlin, the head of Kappa Kappa Tau, a very stuck up, elitist, and previously racist sorority.

Ariana Grande, Billie Lourd, and Abigail Breslin also star as Roberts’ “minions” Chanel #2, Chanel #3, and Chanel #5 — obvi, because who needs names when you’re that stuck up?

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Chanel’s world comes crashing down though when Dean Cathy Munsch, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, orders their house to open their doors to everyone and accept any girl as a pledge. But this is the least of their worries as there’s a campus killer dressed as a devil running around!

The first episode was filled with plenty of laughs, scares, some gore and murder! Read the SPOILER-filled recap (below) to find out which MAJOR star didn’t make it out alive!

Grace Gardner (Skyler Samuels) is our protagonist; the show follows her as she’s dropped off at college with dreams of joining the Kappa house, just like her late mother.

The only problem is Grace doesn’t quite get along with Chanel — but then again who would?

Chanel hates the idea of everyone — including “Deaf Taylor Swift,” a nerdy girl with a neck brace (Lea Michele), and a candle blogger — joining her sorority, so she decides to scare them off by pretending to drown their maid, Ms. Bean, in a vat of oil.

But the oil accidentally left on, and she melts poor old Ms. Bean’s face off!! Ewww!

The girls hide the body in a freezer but somehow it disappears!

That’s only the start of the drama as a MAJOR star was killed off right after that!

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Unfortunately Miz Grande met her demise when she opened the door to the devil murderer and had a HIGHlarious texting sesh with him (or her), before being stabbed while sending out a tweet for help!

The killing didn’t stop there though as “Deaf Taylor Swift” was murdered in an even more gruesome way — she was decapitated by a lawnmower while the girls were buried up to their necks in the ground — thanks again, Chanel!

The Dean — who has a thing for Grace’s dad (Oliver Hudson) AND is sleeping around with Chanel’s on-again-off-again boyfriend, Chad (Glen Powell) — decides to hire extra security (Niecy Nash) as a result. And her partner is killed off right away!

As for Grace? Well, she befriends a barista named Pete (Diego Boneta) who just happens to write for the paper. The two decide to team up to investiage the sorority and return it to what Grace thinks was its former glory!

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The good news is that Pete and Grace find out about Kappa’s past — that a girl died in a bathtub giving birth and the Dean covered it up! The bad news for Grace is that she finds a devil outfit in Pete’s closet and thinks he’s the killer!

Oh, and as for that studly Nick Jonas, he plays a closeted gay frat boy golfer who’s BFFs with Chad and was caught by Chanel in a spoon sesh with her ex!

The frat finds his body at the end of the episode, leading everyone to believe he met his end — but he turns out to be faking it and working with the devil! SCANDALOUS!

What did you think of the premiere — was it everything you hoped for? Or are you going pass on next week’s episode?

Sep 23, 2015 11:17am PDT

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