Cancer Survivor’s Service Dog Goes Missing — Maria Menounos Has Joined The Search To Find Her & You Can Help Too!

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As dog lovers ourselves, we hate to hear a sad story like this.

This one is about a sweet grey pit bull-terrier named Lucy, who is more than meets the eye.

She’s not only the door greeter at Westside Pet Clinic in Santa Monica, California where her owner (and mom!) Dr. Antje Hinz is the medical director, but she also helps out there to keep other animals calm during their visits — just check out how sweet she is with a cute kitten patient (above).

More than that however, she’s held a much bigger role in Dr. Hinz’s life. Lucy is also Hinz’s registered emotional support service dog who helped her during her 5-year aggressive breast cancer battle. She calls Lucy her Buddha and purpose to keep going.

Unfortunately, while Hinz was on a trip to Germany with her boyfriend and Lucy’s other owner, Finneus Egan, Lucy went missing from her petsitter’s home in Venice, California on September 7.

We can’t imagine going through that heartbreaking situation, but while Lucy was strong for her owner during her cancer battle, Lucy’s family is being strong for her and staying determined to bring her home safely.

You can check out all they’ve been doing to find her through a Facebook page dedicated to the search HERE. And you can also find more info on their Instagram for Lucy HERE. They want to get the word out on their missing dog, and hope that the right person will see this information and help.

They’ve even received help from E! NewsMaria Menounos, who is a client and friend of Hinz. She’s been helping with the search through her own social media, as well as hitting the pavement with Lucy’s owners to reach out to locals for any possible leads:

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The outpouring of support and volunteers has been amazing in the search for Lucy! It’s wonderful to see people come together to bring a beautiful pup home to her family.

We’re hoping Lucy can be reunited with her loved ones! She was last spotted at Penmar Golf Course, but when she was cornered, she slipped out from under a fence.

If you spot Lucy or have any information to help, check out the poster (below) for what to do:

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Be sure to check out more pictures of Lucy (above)!

And also check out video of Lucy and her story (below)!

[Images via Finneus Egan/LucyIsLost/WENN/Facebook.]

Sep 24, 2015 6:10pm PDT

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