Ex-Marine Convicted Of Murdering Pregnant Girlfriend Allegedly Said ‘I Did What I Had to Do’ — Details Here

ahmad rashad siddiqi ex marine stabbed pregnant girlfriend

This is so horrible!

Ahmad Rashad Siddiqi — who is an ex-marine — was convicted on Wednesday of murdering his girlfriend a few years ago.

Siddiqi was in a long distance relationship with Soraya Faroqi — who was only 24-years-old and was a civilian translator in Afghanistan — when this all went down.

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In 2011, Faroqi was already in her first trimester when she came back to her Orange County home in California. Ahmad, wanting to discuss the future of their relationship came to visit her from Virginia and met her at a friend’s apartment.

It was at this point that he learned he was not the father.

He seemed supportive at first even saying he could “accept the baby” and wanted to show Faroqi the engagement ring that was in his car that he said he bought her. But when he stood up a knife fell out of his pocket and the friend recognized the knife as one of hers from her apartment.

A bit of a scuffle ensued shortly after and Siddiqi grabbed another knife from the kitchen and ended up chasing Soraya out of her apartment and into some bushes where he stabbed her 18 times!

Ahmad only stopped when a man stopped and shined a flashlight on him.

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The worst part is, right after this encounter, when he was receiving care at a local hospital for a cut on his hand, one witness allegedly heard him say:

“I can’t say I’m sorry because does it look like I’m sorry? No, not at all. I did what I had to do, what I thought was right.”

Not surprisingly, it only took the jury one day of deliberations to decide he was guilty.

He’ll receive his sentencing in court on October 30th and we hope that Ahmad gets what’s coming to him!

[Image via Westminster Police Department.]

Sep 25, 2015 2:27pm PDT

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