American Idol Alum Corey Clark Arrested For Allegedly Harassing & Stalking Estranged Wife

corey clark arrested


Another American Idol alum’s been arrested on domestic violence-related charges.

On Wednesday, Corey Clark was read his Miranda rights after violating a protective order his estranged wife Monica Rodriguez Gonzalez Clark had against him.

In case you forgot, the former Idol contestant previously accused Paula Abdul of starting an affair with him while he was on the popular talent competition. Thankfully, Miz Abdul was cleared of any gossip.

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Corey appeared in court on Thursday in Yuma, AZ where bail was set for $20,000. Oof!

According to Monica in the arrest report, Corey allegedly violated the court order which states he can solely contact his former flame via email and ONLY about their children.

Apparently, the controversial celeb pestered Monica about a new relationship she was in and even followed her to a restaurant and proceeded to stare at her from outside the window when she refused to answer his emails. So scary!

Specifically, the reality TV star was charged with aggravated harassment and violation of a court order after he aggressively confronted the man who he believed to be dating his wife at the Yuma County Courthouse last week. Well that wasn’t the smartest move.

In fact, the R&B artist sent a number of emails to his baby momma that we feel really violated some boundaries.

One email read:

“You still fill my heart with so much joy whenever I get the chance to see you. I wish things were different with us. I wish things were better for us.”

No wonder Miz Clark feels her estranged love is stalking her.

Unfortunately, this is not the scandalized star’s first run in with the police. Back in 2006, Corey was put on probation after pleading guilty for placing harassing calls to his father-in-law’s residence where his wife was staying at the time. Well that’s a total red flag!

It’ll be inneresting to see how this whole thing plays out in court! We hope Corey gets the help it appears he needs.

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Sep 25, 2015 9:32am PDT

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