That Teen Who Defended A Blind Classmate From Being Beaten By A Bully? His High School Just Suspended Him!

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UPDATE 6:34 PM EST: Contrary to initial reports, the teen who punched the first attacker did not receive any kind of punishment for stepping in and defending his classmate. Additionally, the student voluntarily left the football team at the end of the 2014-2015 school year, and was never even on this semester’s roster.


You may have seen the viral video already.

When a student at Huntington Beach High School in southern California began punching another student — who was blind — a third student came to the rescue and delivered an incredible example of schoolyard justice!

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It all started when a bully ran up to the blind student and started harassing and punching him — leaving the blind child virtually unable to defend himself from the unprovoked attack.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, another kid swooped in with a knockout punch — right to the side of the bully’s head!

Check out the viral video of the incident, complete with bleeped-out cursing and more (below):

On Thursday night, the Huntington Beach Police Department arrested the bully, charging him with misdemeanor battery for the unprovoked attack on the blind student:

“The victim and suspect know each other and have a history of not getting along. Yesterday the victim walked past the suspect and they got into an argument. At that time, the suspect punched the victim several times and that is when the third student intervened and struck the suspect to prevent any further attack on the victim.”

Police were quick to add a statement regarding the boy who stepped in on behalf of the blind student, too:

“We do not anticipate any arrest being made on the victim or the 3rd intervening student.”

If only we could say the same for Huntington Beach High School! The school has suspended the student for his part in the brawl — and kicked him off his football team!

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A new online petition is going around urging the school’s administration to re-consider.

Apparently it’s their whole “zero tolerance” policy on violence — since the hero threw a punch, he automatically must sit out of school.

But what about self-defense? Or in this case defense of those that can’t defend themselves?

What do U think??


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Sep 25, 2015 12:21pm PST

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