Creed’s Scott Stapp Opens Up About Recovering From ‘Extremely Humiliating’ Relapse

Scott Stapp and wife Jaclyn

We’re happy to hear that Creed front man Scott Stapp is stable and sober!

As we reported, news broke in May about the singer’s bipolar diagnosis after a series of arrests, breakdowns, and very bizarre behavior that nearly cost him his life and his marriage.

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This week in Billboard, the 42-year-old and his wife, Jaclyn, addressed the sad series of events, and how they were able to fight through for their family.

Recalling such a difficult time in his life:

“I had a very public relapse, and it was extremely humiliating to me, my family and my friends. I took [an excessive amount of a] prescription for a diagnosis I had, had a bad reaction and went into an actual psychosis. I was out of my mind, unstable, and at risk of putting myself in danger … I remember desperately trying to convince my wife that what I was believing was real — that I was being followed, that I was involved in some type of mind-control experiment. I couldn’t understand why she couldn’t believe me.”

Scary! We’re glad that’s all (hopefully) in the past!

After seeking guidance from various doctors and their pastor, the couple decided to join this season of VH1‘s Couples Therapy, airing October 7. Jaclyn opened up about what makes them different from other participants on the reality show:

“We’re not reality stars, we’re not a spectacle. There was fear, but we made this a family decision. Our teenage son was a big part: ‘Mom, you should really do this.’ We had a backup plan to leave if we felt it wasn’t real therapy. We learned very fast that it was very real.”

We hope the duo got the help they needed!

So, does Stapp’s road to recovery mean more Creed in the near future?? It seems like that may be the case.

He shared:

“This journey I’ve been on over the last year has inspired a lot of writing. I’m going on tour next year, and we’re starting a campaign to raise awareness for mental-health issues based upon a song I wrote. And Creed has a retrospective coming out in November. It’s three CDs, with hits, favorite album picks, acoustic versions of all the hits, live performances, unreleased demos.”

We’ll be waiting for new music With Arms Wide Open!

Rough past, but promising future! Keep up the good work, Scott!!

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Sep 25, 2015 5:28pm PDT

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