Pharma CEO Who Raised Price Of AIDS Drug Allegedly Offered To Pay His Ex-Girlfriend $10,000 To Give Her Oral Sex! See The Repulsive Emails!

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By now, you might have heard of Martin Shkreli, who sparked outrage after his pharmaceutical company raised the price of the life saving drug Daraprim from $13.50 to $750 a pill overnight!

After being called out by pretty much the entire internet, Shkreli backed down and promised to lower the price of the pill — but not before some of his disgusting past behavior came to light!

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Shkreli’s ex-girlfriend claimed in a blog post that the pharma CEO offered to pay her $10,000 in exchange for him performing oral sex on her!

The ex, who goes by Katie on her blog In Defense Of Getting Off, wrote in a post titled 10k that Shkreli contacted her for over five years after they split! She wrote:

“Freshman year of college I dated Martin Shkreli: unrepentant capitalist, quoter of Eminem lyrics, embodiment of douchebaggery.”

Katie posted a screenshot of the NSFW email exchange between the two, where Shkreli allegedly tells her she has “nothing better to do” than let him come over and go down on her.

When she didn’t take him up on his offer, Shkreli tried to sweeten the deal like the capitalist he says he is:

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Ewwww! So gross!

The CEO dismissed all of Katie’s claims, arguing that him soliciting sex from a repulsed ex-girlfriend “just doesn’t seem meaningful.” He said:

“You can see it, but perhaps there’s some, you know, back and forth that you don’t have on an email address or something. Maybe I’m referring to something else. You know, it’s possible that it’s not what you think. It’s also possible it’s fabricated. I don’t know. I don’t have them. It’s from 2009. It’s a jilted lover or vice versa. It just doesn’t seem that meaningful.”

It’s “possible” the story is fabricated? This may be the worst denial we’ve ever seen. It’s clear this guy has some issues to work out!!

Do YOU think there’s any merit to Katie’s claims?

[Image via Bloomberg TV/In Defense Of Getting Off.]

Sep 25, 2015 5:34pm PDT

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