Justin Bieber ‘Comforted’ Model Following Scare That Her Drink Was Spiked — But What Actually Happened?! Details HERE

justin bieber model drugged

Say it ain’t so!

On Sunday, Justin Bieber and his crew went to an event at a recording studio in a Melbourne, Australia where a model named Bailey Scarlett claims she was drugged — despite others disputing her accusation. Oh no!

Apparently, Miz Scarlett attended the industry event where she poured herself a drink of vodka and lemonade but set the cocktail down when she went to chat with some fellow guests. It’s said that not long after leaving her drink unsupervised, the brunette beauty began feeling dizzy and had blurry vision.

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So scary.

The starlet noted on Facebook that the What Do You Mean singer then attempted to calm her down. Supposedly, the superstar had his entourage remove Bailey when she couldn’t compose herself.

Unfortunately, Bailey has made her unflattering post about the pop star private on the social media site for legal reasons. Hmm, very inneresting.

As her condition worsened, the up-and-comer relayed that she went outside and the police were called. Law enforcement officials have since confirmed they were called to investigate about a complaint from a woman who thought her drink was spiked.

The alleged victim was taken to a local hospital and advised to make an official report regarding the incident. However, most recent reported are that nothing has been filed yet. Merp.

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Despite Bailey’s troubling accounts of her evening at the party, the studio’s owner Jimi Wyatt says that he’s reviewed all the footage from the party and that her cup was visible the whole time and never touched. How odd.

In fact, the organizer of the event, Alex McDonnell shared that he believes the young lady was having a panic attack. We have a feeling this could turn into a he said/ she said case.

It’ll be inneresting to see if the Biebs will respond to this serious claim anytime soon — especially if Bailey decides to file an official report.

We guess only time will tell. Stay tuned.

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Sep 28, 2015 7:34am PDT

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