Watch As Drake Drops The Mic On Feud With Meek Mill Declaring ‘He’s Dead Already’ At Concert!

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This is the feud that’ll never end!

If you didn’t know, back in July, Meek Mill went on a Twitter rant claiming that Drake had a ghostwriter for his songs. Drake, not taking too kindly to this, dropped a couple different diss tracks addressing the issue — not to mention a meme slideshow.

Meek of course fired back a couple of different times. There was even a point when Nicki Minaj‘s main squeeze took to Instagram and we thought this feud was going to end — but then more shenanigans ensued.

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The most recent information about the feud came about when Drizzy opened up to Fader magazine about his actions and why he took them. Defending yourself from claims makes sense, and we thought things were finally going to settle down a bit until this weekend…

At a Drake concert on Saturday at the Landmark Music Festival in Washington D.C., fans started shouting “f*ck Meek Mill, f*ck Meek Mill!”

It was then that the 10 Bands rapper addressed the crowd (below) and said:

“Don’t worry about it; he’s already dead.”

That’s cold, Drake — even for you! But we LOVE it!

There’s nothing like a good feud to keep us going!

Check out the video (below) and let us know who you think has come out on top so far!

[Image via Ricky Swift/W.Wade/WENN.]

Sep 28, 2015 8:53am PDT

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