Alfonso Ribeiro Backs Dancing With The Stars‘ Decision To Boot Kim Zolciak Because Keeping Her ‘Wouldn’t Have Been Fair’

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Shots fired, or good attitude??

Alfonso Ribeiro spoke to reporters about Kim Zolciak-Biermann‘s Dancing With The Stars injury pull-out this week, and the former Fresh Prince star is pretty adamant that the show made the right decision in removing Kim!

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Alfonso told reporters, when asked whether DWTS made the right decision:

“I think the show handled it right. I think they handled it right because it could have been Kim going home tonight. And would it have been fair for her not to dance, and still come back next week, and have someone else go home? That wouldn’t have been fair. So we don’t know what the outcome was, but the rules say, you can’t go the next week if you don’t perform. It truly is unfortunate that she wasn’t able to make it here to perform.”

Ribeiro also referred back to his own injuries that he endured on DWTS, saying that his setback wasn’t going to deter him from participating, no matter what:

“I said, ‘I don’t care what happens. I’m gonna go on that dance floor, I’m gonna walk on that dance floor and whatever happens, happens.'”

Despite all that, Ribeiro was still pretty sad to see Zolciak go, admitting there was just no practical way to get her to the studio this week:

“I’m a fan of hers, I wanted to go get on a bus and bring her here. That bus takes too long!”

What do U guys think — is Alfonso overly flippant with his dismissal of Kim, or did the show really get it right??


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Sep 29, 2015 6:03pm PDT

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