Wow! The Beckhams Are Richer Than The Queen Of England — But By How Much?!

Beckham Brand

What’s the difference between the Beckhams and Queen Elizabeth?

Well, about $197 million dollars — that’s what!

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Former soccer star David Beckham and pop-star-turned-fashion-mogul Victoria Beckham, along with their four children, are valued at ├é┬ú470 million ($712 million) — significantly more than Her Majesty’s estimated worth of ├é┬ú340 million ($515 million).

All about the benjamins pounds, baby!

The London School of Marketing’s CMO Anton Dominique explained the Hollywood power couple‘s fortune in a recent study:

“The Beckham brand has been used to advertise everything from designer clothes, to satellite television and even whisky. What’s also interesting is that the family name is almost as influential as any individual family member. For instance Romeo Beckham won a very lucrative marketing contract with the fashion house Burberry…The Beckham name has the Midas touch when it comes to advertising, even the mere mention of their name associated with a brand is a small news event in itself.”

So what are the numbers, you ask?

The investigation considers three major components of the Beckham brand: David’s soccer-related business, Footworks, worth ├é┬ú150 million ($227 million), Beckham endorsements worth ├é┬ú70 million ($106 million), and Beckham Ventures, Victoria’s fashion business, worth ├é┬ú60 million ($91 million). All in addition to the power family’s assets valued at ├é┬ú190 million ($288 million).

Holy smokes! Not too shabby!

And the kids are doing what they can to add to the growing Beckham empire. From 16-year-old Brooklyn‘s Teen Vogue cover and whopping four million Instagram followers, to 13-year-old Romeo’s Burberry campaign last year — we’d say they’re doing just fine.

We guess the Beckhams are royalty after all!

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Sep 29, 2015 5:02pm PDT

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