Haylie Duff Talks The Biggest Surprise About Motherhood — Plus Details On Her First Date Night Out!

Haylie Duff with daughter Ryan


Haylie Duff is all smiles — and some happy tears! — when it comes to talking about her new baby girl, Ryan. The Real Girl’s Kitchen host opened up about motherhood on Monday at the Baby 2 Baby and Huggies‘ event raising support for National Diaper Need Awareness Week.

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The glowing mom shared that the biggest surprise about being a new mom is the satisfaction she feels:

“I don’t think I was expecting to not miss the remnants of my old life, do you know what I mean? There was part of me, even when I was pregnant, that was like, ‘Gosh it would be nice to go to Vegas for the weekend,’ or kind of do the things I normally did before I came a mother. I think that’s probably the biggest surprise is I feel such fulfillment with my family and with my child, I don’t miss that ‘old life’ stuff.”

Sounds like she’s adjusting quite nicely!

The lifestyle blogger and fianc├â┬⌐ Matt Rosenberg haven’t had time for a proper night out ever since welcoming their adorable bundle of joy — until now, that is! The duo joined in on celebrations for sister Hilary Duff‘s birthday on Sunday night:

“This was really like our first night, date night, going out. My mom was there, and she was like, ‘Haylie, you look so nice! You put makeup on today.’ I was like, ‘Thanks, I had to put a little makeup on and make him remember why he’s with me, why he likes me.’ Matt then leaned into my mom, and said, ‘I think she needed to do it to remember why she likes herself, you know I’m happy to see her whichever way she is.’ I will never forget that.”

Awwww!! Talk about #relationshipgoals!

We just hope the couple can find some real alone time, with just the two of them — something Haylie admits she’s trying to figure out:

“I think you can make a date night at home just as special, as intimate and fulfilling as you can a night out on the town. Sometimes a good bottle of wine will do that.”

Did someone say wine? Sounds good to us!!

So happy for this growing little family!

[Image via Instagram.]

Sep 29, 2015 11:48am PDT

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