Model Who Claims She Was Drugged At Justin Bieber’s Party Says Pop Star Teased Her For Having ‘Bieber Fever’ — Watch Her Tell-All Interview!

Things are not looking up for Justin Bieber!

On Tuesday, the model who claims she was drugged at a party hosted by the pop star has told her side of the story in a sit-down TV interview (above).

Bailey Scarlett recounted that, on Sunday, while at the event at Ginger Recording Studios, she felt light-headed and suffered from blurry vision after taking sips of her cocktail and taking a shot with the What Do You Mean singer. Merp!

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The 18-year-old explained that she began to feel scared despite being surrounded by Bieber, his entourage, and her fellow models.

As we previously reported, JB attempted to comfort the up-and-comer as she began drifting in and out of consciousness.

Allegedly, Selena Gomez‘s ex stated:

“Look into my eyes, you’re okay… you’re just having a panic attack.”

Too make matters worse, the New Zealand native shared that the heartthrob supposedly turned on her when she was unable to compose herself and accused her of acting out for attention. Oof, harsh!

Apparently, the Canadian-born celebrity even made fun of her for having “Bieber Fever.” Ugh.

Eventually, the alleged victim was taken to a local hospital as her condition worsened.

However, many dispute Miz Scarlett’s accusations since she states that she asked to be tested for drugs following the incident — but her doctors wouldn’t comply. Huh, can they do that?!

We have a feeling this could turn into quite the he said/she said case.

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Sep 29, 2015 10:10am PDT

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