Nick Jonas Gushes About His Precious Niece Alena — But Is He Ready To Make A Baby Himself?!

nick jonas niece gush interview

Nick Jonas might be a heartthrob to some — but to his niece Alena he’s just “Uncle Geek.”


On Sunday, the Chains singer couldn’t help but gush about his niece in an interview before his concert at the Jackie Gleason Theater in Florida.

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He shared:

“I’m having such a great time with this beautiful little girl. We like to walk through a toy store and I buy her whatever she wants. She is so sweet. She calls me Uncle Geek because she can’t yet say Nick!”

How cute!

In case you forgot, the 19-month-old is the daughter of former Jonas Brother Kevin Jonas and wife Danielle Jonas.

However, due to work demands, the Scream Queens actor is unable to see the newest member of the Jonas clan as often as he would like! But he still tries to FaceTime his extended family while he’s traveling. LOVES it!

He continued:

“I am not around that much because of career demands, but when I get the chance to see Alena, I do like to spoil her. It’s so much fun!”

Not mention, Kevin is incredibly active on Instagram so that probably helps the 23-year-old stay up-to-date on everything Alena. Though Nick seems crazy about his niece, it appears he’s not in the baby making mindset yet himself.

He explained:

“I would like to have kids, but I’m not ready yet. It’s a beautiful time in my life right now. I am growing. I’m experiencing the next chapter.”

That’s fair. Between his role on the FOX horror-comedy to promoting his new music to working as an ambassador for an app called Think It Up, we can’t even wrap our heads around when he’d even fine the time.


We think Nick’s on the verge of something very big — yes, bigger than the JoBros (hard to believe we know).

In regards to his fans, he relayed:

“They are older people, and I think that’s great! I am learning and growing and able to express my creativity. When I see people connect to me and my music, it makes me very happy.”


Still, if you find yourself itching to update your #RelationshipStatus we think we could find many admirers who’d be willing to settle down and have babies with the former Disney darling. WE KID…sort of!

[Image via Instagram/WENN.]

Sep 29, 2015 12:35pm PDT

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