This School Just Banned The Man Bun! Quick, Somebody Alert Brandon Jenner!

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This is awful!

Brigham Young University-Idaho (we don’t know, either) just banned man buns from campus — good thing Brandon Jenner is past college age!!

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Apparently, the religious college has a very strict dress code, and that includes “extreme hairstyles,” which is just a plain ol’ offensive way to describe the man bun.

Student Honor Administrator Tyler Barton told reporters:

“We would consider the ‘man-bun’ to be an extreme hairstyle. It’s just something that deviates from the norm.”

Well that’s just plain awful!

Kevin Miyasaki, the Student Services & Activities Vice President, added to the pile, this time about the school’s honor code:

“All employees and students at BYU-Idaho are obligated under the Honor Code to ├óΓé¼╦£encourage others in their commitment to comply with the Honor Code.'”

What’s dishonorable about a man bun??

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But what’s even worse is that a student actually agreed with these adults???

Marivi Lugo, a junior at the school, said about the ban:

“I think there’s a difference between being stylish and appropriate. We have an honor code for a reason, and if we don’t have people enforcing it, then what’s the point of the Honor Code?”

Um, excuse us! Man buns are both stylish AND appropriate, AND totally Instragrammable!

Besides, putting your hair up is a time honored tradition for people that oversleep and don’t have time to shower!!!

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Or… if you are too busy hanging with models to worry about it (looking at you, Leonardo DiCaprio!)

What do U guys think of this decision to ban the bun??


[Image via Brandon Jenner/Instagram.]

Sep 29, 2015 12:06pm PDT

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