Mom Surprises Her Transgender Teen With A Very Special Gift — One That Makes Her Break Down In Tears Of Joy!

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This so AH-Mazing!

A trans teen from Detroit, Corey Maison, just got a VERY special surprise from her mom!

Corey’s mom, Erica, hid a little something inside the family’s couch that her daughter had been wanting for over two years — estrogen hormones!

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And the good news for us is Erica got it all on camera (below)! Corey couldn’t have been more thrilled as you can see in the clip as the sweet gift brings her to tears!

Shortly after, Erica took to Facebook and wrote:

“Today after waiting 2 1/2 years she FINALLY got her estrogen. I picked it up while she was in school so she had no idea. We have been waiting months for the readiness letter to be finalized and sent to Chicago, so had no idea on a timeline of when it would actually happen.”

Corey’s mom described her as “feminine, even from the time she was very young” but she mainly wore “boy clothes” in public.

Sadly, in fifth grade Corey was bullied to the point where Erica had to homeschool her. Sometime after that, Corey and her mom happened to watch a video YouTuber Jazz Jennings which changed her life. Erica said of the moment after they watched the online clip:

“She said, ‘Mom, I’m just like her, I AM a girl.'”

After that point, Corey gained more confidence and started dressing like a girl in public and Erica taught her how to have a positive outlook about any hateful comments!

Corey even received a puberty-suppressing implant, but the doctors said that she couldn’t start hormone therapy until she was 14 — and last week they called to say the prescription was in!

Ch-ch-check out the ADORABLY sweet moment (below) and prepare to have ALL the feels!

[Image via Facebook.]

Sep 29, 2015 3:49pm PST

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