The ‘Rolling’ Fan Who Groped Katy Perry Says She WASN’T ON DRUGS! Find Out If You Buy Her Story HERE!

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We couldn’t get enough of the Katy Perry fan who appeared to be “rolling” when the songstress pulled her up on stage during her Rio concert!

But according to the super affectionate fan, she wasn’t even high OR drunk — just a bit tired when she met Katy Kat!

Rayane told reports that she was up since 4:30 AM the day of the concert, and she waited 12 hours in line to see the pop superstar!

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The combination of being exhausted and overwhelmingly excited to get to meet her idol made the fan seem like she was high on something — but she promises she was completely sober!

Even with the language barrier, Rayane says she understood everything Katy was saying, even when she told the audience:

“I think she’s rolling!”

Katy’s observation was a result of the fan hugging, kissing, and even sniffing the Dark Horse performer — but Rayane attributed the affectionate display to Katy flawless face! She said:

“Her skin is very soft.”

Of course it is! Doesn’t she remember when Katy was in all those Proactiv commercials? LOLz!

Do YOU buy Rayene’s story?


Sep 30, 2015 4:36pm PDT

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