Tim Gunn Says His Relationship With Anna Wintour Is ‘Hostile!’ Get The Details About Their Ongoing Feud!

Tim says Anna just isn't respectful.

Tim Gunn and Anna Wintour STILL haven’t settled their feud.

On Wednesday, the fashion consultant opened up to Meredith Vieira on her talk show about his ongoing feud with the Vogue editor-in-chief.

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He explains that he has a “hostile” relationship with her, and that the whole thing started when she blew one of his interviews out of proportion:

“The most benign of all the experiences I’ve had with her had to do with a question that I was asked by the New York Post and the question was the following, ‘What is the most unforgettable moment you’ve ever seen in fashion?’ Very matter of fact question and very matter of fact response and it was, ‘Watching Anna Wintour being carried down 5 flights of stairs from a fashion show.'”

The 62-year-old revealed that the comment wasn’t meant to insult the magazine mogul, but she certainly didn’t respond positively to it:

“Her office called my office the next day and demanded a retraction and I said, ‘But its true, it happened.’ I mean I didn’t make this up and they still demanded a retraction and I said no. There were many calls back and forth and finally, there was a call during which her Director of Communications said, ‘I’ll have you know Ms. Wintour knows how to work a Manolo.'”

He said he responded in the hopes of clarifying that he didn’t mean for his answer to be malicious:

“I said it wasn’t a matter of not being able to down the stairs to descent, it was a matter of speed. She had two bodyguards, who made a firemen’s lock, she sat in it. They wooshed her down these stairs and put her right into her car to get to another fashion show because this fashion show as in the fifth floor of the Metropolitan Pavilion. They had to move her fast.”

That makes sense! Seeing a woman physically carried down the stairs at lightning speed sounds like a pretty unforgettable moment, don’t you think Perezcious readers?

Well, Tim quipped that it seemed fairly forgettable to the 65-year-old, who he claims has a selective memory:

“She’s a history revisionist, in her mind it never happened basically.”

While the feud has spanned a few years now, the Project Runway personality says he has no intention of making peace, and that he’s sort of relieved regarding the whole thing:

“May I say this though, there is so much that happens at that unique publication that is so of another world and another planet. I’m happy to have a bad relationship with it because I wouldn’t want to have a good one.”

He said that his biggest issue with Anna really stems from the ways in which she treats other people, explaining:

“I have huge respect and regard for Ms. Wintour’s charitable work. It’s wonderful and my hat’s off to her but I just wish that she navigated the world with a little more respect for other people.”

He even described one instance of disrespect when she completely shut down a fan on a flight:

“So she [the flight attendant] went over and this man next to Anna Wintour, she was seated at the window and he was at the aisle, rose as she rose her own hand up as a gesture of, this is now an international incident, and the man said to her, ‘You have to go away Miss.’ So she wouldn’t even allow her to lean and say, ‘Ms. Wintour it’s so lovely to have you on the plane.’ I don’t understand it.”

Wow! That does seem kind of cold! To be honest, we can’t even really believe that this rivalry has gone on for so long, all because of one misinterpreted interview quote!

Ch-ch-check out these clips from Tim’s talk show appearance (below)!

On his own experience with Anna:

On seeing Anna shut down a fan:

Whose side are U on?

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Sep 30, 2015 8:06pm PST

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