Emily Blunt Finally Addresses Those Michael Bublé Cheating Rumors! What Really Went Down Between The Exes?!

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It feels like Michael Bublé and Emily Blunt dated forever ago!

In a recent interview with Howard Stern, the ghosts of the pair’s three year relationship was brought up to Blunt’s obvious embarrassment and dismay. Considering the actress has obviously moved on with her husband, John Krasinski, we understand why she has no interest in dredging up the past!

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Despite the momma’s hesitance, she eventually succumbed to Stern’s “seductor” ways and dished on the doomed union!

When asked about those persistent rumors that Michael cheated on her, Emily was cagey, saying:

“I don’t know. It’s complicated. Now I’m going red because I never talk about it. I never want to talk about it.”

Hmm, that sounds like an admission to us even though the Into The Woods star didn’t outrightly say anything! Especially since Em said she “never wants to talk about it” — it seems like the whole situation is still painful and embarrassing!

Regardless of the cheating, E.B. admits she still has a soft spot for Bubl├â┬⌐’s family, revealing:

“I loved his family. I still do. I love his family.”

Aw. That’s sweet and also a bit sad.

Well, at least the exes have both found happiness after heartbreak and that’s all that really matters in the end!

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Oct 1, 2015 1:56pm PDT

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