New ‘Yelp For People’ App Lets You Rate Your Friends, Co-Workers, & Lovers — Whether They Want You To Or Not!

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If you have a bad time at a restaurant or other business, you might be inclined to write up a negative review on Yelp!

Well, starting next month, opinionated reviewers will have the opportunity to give their public evaluation for other human beings!

Yes, we’re talking about Yelp for people! It’s a real app, which allows users to rate and search other people!

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The Peeple app, which launches in November, will let users review their friends, coworkers, and romantic partners using a one-to-five star rating scale — and the reviewees don’t even need to be signed up for the app themselves!

While this sounds like an ideal platform for a new level of cyber-bullying, co-founders Julia Cordray and Nicole McCullough say the app aims to promote positivity towards other people! Cordray said:

“As two empathetic female entrepreneurs in the tech space, we want to spread love and positivity. We want to operate with thoughtfulness.”

To rate someone, users must be at least 21 years old and can join the app through Facebook.

If you want to review someone who isn’t on the app, you can create their profile with their cell phone number — they’ll be notified through text that they have been added to Peeple, but they won’t be able to remove their profile!

If you aren’t on the app, only positive reviews will be posted. When you register for Peeple, then negative reviews will be published after 48 hours of being written so users have a chance to dispute them!

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We’re not sure how we feel about this. Just because the founders want to use this for positivity doesn’t mean all users will feel the same way. And it just sounds like a way to dehumanize individuals.

Also — an app that will have your profile without your consent?? That doesn’t even seem ethical!

What do YOU think??


[Image via Facebook.]

Oct 1, 2015 10:15am PST

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