Mass Firings! Benefit Cuts! Why Is Dr. Phil Going Through Behind-The-Scenes Bedlam When It’s The No. 1 Talk Show On TV?!

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Looks like Nicholas Brendon isn’t the only one who dislikes Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil is currently the No. 1 syndicated talk show in America, but solid ratings don’t always translate to a lot of good going on behind the scenes.

We’re hearing that the CBS Television Distribution series is undergoing a ton of issues with its crew at the moment, and there’s even talk of a mutiny arising!

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Apparently, the people in charge of the show have been quite cold to their staff this season — and have been trying to pinch pennies without thinking about the consequences.

The first problem reportedly occurred immediately after production returned from its Summer hiatus in September — when the entire Transcription Department was fired with zero warning!

But those weren’t the only lay offs — we’re hearing that some producers as well as the Head of PR were given the boot as well.

The lack of job security matched with the reported medical benefits cuts have lead to a lot of turmoil within the crew.

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What makes this story even worse is that Dr. Phil himself earns a reported $70 million a year, so if they can afford to pay him so much, why are they cutting corners elsewhere?

This report sounds quite similar to last year’s news when The Queen Latifah Show got cancelled, only that series was the lowest rated in the talk show competition… not far and away the leader.

What do U think this bizarre news means for the future of Dr. Phil??

[Image via Dr. Phil/Facebook.]

Oct 2, 2015 5:33pm PST

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