How To Get Away With Murder Drops ANOTHER Dead Body — And Viola Davis Gets Steamy With A Former Flame!

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So far, How To Get Away With Murder is kicking off its second season with a TON of drama, sex, and of course murder!

The Emmy-winning legal drama dropped a BIG bombshell in last week’s season premiere, and Thursday’s episode showed an even bigger reveal!

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One of the biggest moments of the episode was the ending flashfowards, where Viola Davis‘ character Annalise Keating was still shown lying on the floor of a mansion bleeding to death!

But the big surprise came when we found out that Annalise’s students could have saved her — but looked like they were abandoning her to save themselves from the chaos.

Also, it was revealed that there was another victim of the same crime — the body of the prosecutor in the case against Nate (Billy Brown) was also at the crime scene, looking like quite the corpse! This came right after she told Asher (Matt McGorry) she was the new prosecutor on the siblings’ case!

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But murder wasn’t the only salacious part of the episode! Annalise’s former Harvard law lover Eve (Famke Janssen) got Nate off the hook by making a convincing cast for Annalise being Sam’s (Tom Verica) murderer — which led to some serious passion between the the two ladies!

Between all that, we’re still cooling down from the episode! What did YOU think?

If you aren’t hooked yet, check out How to Get Away with Murder Thursdays at 10pm ET on ABC!

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Oct 2, 2015 10:07am PDT

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