Hillary Clinton Is Going On SNL Tonight — Find Out Why She Loves Being Impersonated On The Show!

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So good that she can take a joke!!

Hillary Clinton is all set to appear on Saturday Night Live later tonight, and as it turns out, not only does she enjoy the show, she also loves the way she’s portrayed on it!

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Clinton, who is expected to be right along side actress Kate McKinnon during the TV comic’s impersonation of the presidential candidate, said of Kate and the whole act of being made fun of:

“They come at it from a slightly different perspective, and I learn something about myself watching them pretending to be me, so I’m looking forward to spending the time with Kate. I mean, I’m just thrilled that [executive producer Lorne Michaels] has these amazing women doing these impersonations. I want to see how it goes.”

Girl power!!

Oh, and we want to see how it goes, too! LOLz!!

Clinton, who has been on SNL a few times before, loves the challenge of going on the popular and historic show:

“It is crazy. I mean, you show up and they’re still writing it and, you know, putting together the airplane in the air and they’re showing you what they want you to say and where they want you to stand and then they decide, no, they want to do it different. I love it because it is almost like a creative act that you’re in the middle of, and you’re participating but you’re also watching and learning from it.”

It’s always refreshing when a politician can take a joke about themselves — and it’s even better when they are in on the joke! Hillary’s night on SNL this evening should be a TON of fun!

Oh yeah, some music act named Miley Cyrus is also set to be on SNL tonight — but Hillary may overshadow her! LOLz!!

[Image via Johnny Louis/FayesVision/Brian To/WENN.]

Oct 3, 2015 12:09pm PDT

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