Cathriona White’s Suspected Suicide May Have Been Caused By These Prescription Pills — Did She Take Them From Jim Carrey’s Home?

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UPDATE 2:45 PM EST: Authorities confirmed a fourth pill bottle was found next to her body — a prescription for Zofran — which is described as a drug used to prevent nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy, and can also be prescribed to treat pain after surgery.

While the name on the Zofran prescription was not the same as the one on the other three bottles, officials confirmed it also was not written in Cathriona’s name.


We’re learning more about this terrible tragedy.

Cathriona White, the ex-girlfriend of Jim Carrey who allegedly committed suicide last week, was apparently found in her bed with three pill bottles next to her.

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Authorities are now confident that White’s suicide was caused by an overdose of a combination of these pills, though law enforcement can’t yet say for certain what it was until toxicology results come back.

The kicker, though, is where the bottles came from; allegedly, all the bottles were prescriptions written to the same name — a name authorities have confirmed as an alias of Carrey’s used to obtain the pills.

The alias itself isn’t that uncommon — celebrities often use aliases for things like prescriptions to protect their privacy — but because of it, a source suspects that White may have taken those pills from Carrey’s home.

Apparently, White was found next to bottles for Ambien (which is a sleep aid), Percocet (of course, a painkiller), and Propranolol (which is a medication for blood pressure problems).

It’s already been tough enough for Carrey and the rest of White’s loved ones to cope with this, but as more comes out about the sad death, it only gets more difficult for everyone involved.

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Oct 3, 2015 1:59pm PST

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