Burger King’s New Halloween Whopper With The Black Bun Apparently Turns Your Poop A Completely Different Color!

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So this is kinda gross!

To celebrate Halloween, Burger King decide to do a little promotion with their famous Whopper — make the bun black!

We guess they figured the black buns and orange cheese makes for a good Halloween themed burger.

But one thing we don’t think they counted on was what color it might be after it gets digested.

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Not that there seem to be any harmful effects, but BK fans have taken to Twitter to report that the burger is turning their poop GREEN!

See what people are tweeting about it (below):

Well at least it sounds like they still enjoyed their burgers! LOLz!

What do you think? Does this keep you from wanting to try the Halloween Whopper?!

[Image via Burger King.]

Oct 5, 2015 3:24pm PDT

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