A Prominent Long Island Dermatologist & Mother Is Found Dead In NYC After A Night Of Partying With An HBO Producer

This reads like a case straight ht out of Law & Order.

Early Sunday morning, a prominent dermatologist and mother of three, Kiersten Cerveny, was found dead in the foyer of a fancy New York City apartment building.

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Kiersten, who was gorgeous and graduated from top universities like Duke and Tulane University, died from what is suspected to be a cocaine overdose. Authorities believed the dermatologist’s cocaine use coupled with a night of drinking led to her tragic death.

Here’s where the story gets even more sad and weird — Cerveny’s friend, HBO producer Marc Johnson, along with his alleged drug dealer, carried the 38-year-old down to the lobby after they found her unresponsive. Once Kiersten turned blue, Johnson and the drug dealer called 911 and quickly fled the scene.

What awesome friends…

While police don’t believe foul play is involved, they’ve questioned Marc who says he “got scared” after CPR didn’t work. The producer, who is set to work with James Franco on a new series, has now lawyered up.

Hmm, “got scared”? It sounds like the only thing Johnson cared about that night was his reputation rather than the life Cerveny.

The heartbreaking thing about this situation is that Kiersten leaves behind her beautiful children pictured (below) and her second husband, Andrew Cerveny.

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Our thoughts go out to K.C.’s family during this difficult time.

[Image via Facebook.]

Oct 5, 2015 7:47pm PDT

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