The Affair Kicks Off Season 2 With Some Full Frontal Male Nudity! Find Out Whose Peen You Could Have Seen!

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The Affair was one of the most critically acclaimed new shows this year, even winning a Golden Globe for Best Drama!

On Sunday night, the Showtime series returned for season 2 with even more drama, and a lot more peen!

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Season two finally introduces us to two more POVs — that means we’ll get a lot closer to Helen (Maura Tierney) and Cole (Joshua Jackson)!


While we have to wait until episode two for Cole’s, the second half of the premiere episode introduced Helen’s POV — which started with a steamy bedroom scene!

Helen was hooking up with Noah’s (Dominic West) troublemaking friend Max (Josh Stamberg) right in the wake of her divorce proceedings, and Max bared it ALL for the cameras!

Before you get too excited, it wasn’t actually the Stamberg’s goods on the screen. West explained that we actually saw a stand in with pre-approved genitalia. He said:

“I don’t know why they decided they wanted a full-frontal male, but I thought it was so funny. He gets up out of bed, with his ass to camera and he crosses the camera…and then the stand-in just steps in. This completely different guy who had to have his d*ck inspected.”

We wonder who has the pleasure of conducting that inspection! LOLz!

Tierney admitted that while the sex scene made her cringe, she really “liked” it because “it’s a big jump ahead for the character!”

See what more nudity is to come when The Affair airs Sundays at 10pm EST on Showtime.

[Image via Showtime.]

Oct 5, 2015 10:22am PDT

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