Meet The Raccoon That Thinks It’s A Dog — And Prepare To Fall In Love!

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This is the BEST!!

Fall is here, and that means Pumpkin everything — from coffee to pie to Oreo cookies. And now, it means Pumpkin the Raccoon!!

This adorbz raccoon thinks he’s a dog, and he acts like one too, and we are OBSESSED with him!!

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Rescued in the Bahamas after she fell out of a tree and broke her arm, Pumpkin was only a month old when Rosie Kemp and her daughter Laura Young found her struggling and injured in their backyard.

The mother-daughter duo raised the raccoon back to health, and then because she was so well behaved, they decided to adopt her! Because Pumpkin had plenty of time to adjust to Young’s two dogs during the rescue, too, the raccoon pretty much thinks she’s a dog too!

Speaking to reporters, Young said of the rescue:

“Raising her was (and still is) a full-time job. They are so unbelievably intelligent, very aware, and I would say they are even able to express emotions. She instantly bonded with us and our two rescue dogs and follows me and our two dogs everywhere we go. She now thinks she is a dog. She is able to play and be rough with them and she respects them when they have had enough.”

Even though it’s unbelievable cute, it’s not all fun and games with Pumpkin, as Young is quick to point out that she is essentially a wild animal — and can sometimes act like it:

“They are wild animals, so they are quite moody. Unlike dogs and cats, they are not domesticated. Like a spoilt child if she doesn’t get her way, she will let you know.”

Even so, just take a look at some of these Instagram shots — she’s SO cute:

Aaaaaaaaaand that is just the best set of animal pics you’ll see all season!!

[Image via Pumpkin The Raccoon/Instagram.]

Oct 6, 2015 6:53pm PDT

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