David Cassidy’s Hit-And-Run Victim Speaks About The Crazy Deets Surrounding The Accident!

david cassidy victim speaks

It’s been a rough year for David Cassidy.

As we previously reported, the former teen heartthrob was charged for his involvement in a nasty hit-and-run in Florida while driving on a suspended license.

The Partridge Family star had one serious victim — Pedro Vargas — during the vehicular incident.

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Pedro has since revealed to DailyMail how the entire moment went down — his side of the story. On September 9, Vargas was driving his truck for Taylor Services on interstate 595 when the accident took place. In fact, Vargas believes that if he was in a small car his injuries may have been much worse.

He shared:

“I remember I was in the middle lane when I felt something hit me in the back of the truck, on my tire. It made the truck [swerve] and almost rolled the truck. I steered so hard. He hit me the first time then he bounced [and hit the concrete] and I’m thinking, “This guy’s not putting on the brake he’s putting on the gas” and he hit me twice and the second time he started sliding along the middle of my truck.

I was driving at 60 maybe 65 miles per hour. For him to hit me like this he was coming at 80 maybe 90 miles per hour.”


Apparently, if a member of the community hadn’t chased down the guitarist he might’ve gotten away with it! Though the crash was intense, the seasoned driver handled the situation like a pro and was able to keep the truck from tipping — though he did injury his right elbow in the process.

He continued:

“I opened my door. I came out holding my arm and other cars came to my side and said, this guy was coming so crazy for a couple of miles down. I started feeling pain and my heart was shaking so fast. I felt like my head would explode and I couldn’t breathe. I lay down and a lady and two guys assisted me.”

In an odd turn of events, David reportedly attempted to return a broken light from his Kia believing it to be the truck’s. It’s said that several witnesses smelled alcohol on his breath. Oh no!

Shortly after this encounter, the former teen icon took off in his badly damaged car.

He noted:

“His car was destroyed at the front on the left side and the right side tire had exploded. I remember how badly damaged it was and he ran like that. I couldn’t breathe and I see the guy starting his car and he ran.”

Luckily, one civilian snapped a picture of the accident and shared it with the police officer — who surprisingly didn’t test David for alcohol or drugs. Though in an ironic turn of events, Vargas didn’t know it was David behind the wheel of the car until days after the fact.

It’ll be inneresting see what happens when the 65-year-old heads to court on October 27. Here’s hoping this incident will be a wake-up call for the controversial celebrity!

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Oct 7, 2015 3:22pm PDT

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