Police Believe Jenelle Evans Lied About Her Violent Fight With Nathan Griffith’s New Girlfriend

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What a tangled we weave when we practice to deceive!

According to police, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans lied about a August 2015 fight she had with Nathan Griffith’s new girlfriend which ultimately ended in her arrest.

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For those who don’t remember, Jenelle argued that upon seeing Nathan and the new GF together(Nate had previously promised he’d show up to Evans’ house alone) she walked outside to confront the pair.

At this time, the mom of two alleges she threw a mason jar of water at Griffith’s lady love because she felt physically threatened. Furthermore, she revealed that she only intended to throw water at the young woman, but the glass unfortunately slipped out of her hands.

Now here’s where things get tricky.

Cops say they found shattered glass in the passenger seat of Nate’s car, which corroborates the couple’s version of events. The responding officer explained:

“The victim stated that she was sitting in the front passenger seat of the pickup looking at her phone when all of a sudden, the suspect was standing next to her throwing a glass mason jar filled with water at her. The victim stated that the glass jar struck the right side of her head and shattered. The victim stated that she was in shock and the arrestee just ran back inside without saying anything. I did feel a large lump on the right side of the victim’s head. EMS was declined after I offered to call for them.”

YIKES. If this is true, then that means Jenelle assaulted the GF out of nowhere!

The cop elaborated on his suspicions, adding:

“The arrestee stated that she walked outside and the victim got out of the truck. The arrestee claimed that she was in fear, so she threw water at the victim and the jar slipped from her hand. The arrestee stated that the victim caught the jar and threw it back at the arrestee, striking her back and then broke. This would have made the broken glass somewhere farther in the driveway. I looked and did not observe any redness or any other injury to the arrestee’s back.”

Yep, this report makes it sound like the reality star IS lying.

Luckily for J.E., the case was eventually disposed and all she had to do was pay a $500 fine.

Hopefully Jenelle has learned her lesson!

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Oct 7, 2015 7:54pm PDT

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