Lil BUB Just Announced Her Debut Album — Yes, Lil BUB The Cat…

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This cannot be real…

Lil BUB may be one of the most famous cats on the internet, but she’s about to be a super star!

The 4-year-old kitty just announced her debut album on Wednesday! Wait, what??

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That’s right! The kitten known for her adorable eyes and signature smile is about to lay down some sick beats.

And the weirdest part about the musical news is that Science & Magic isn’t just a joke CD filled with purrs and meows — it’s actually an album full of all the background music by Matt Tobey that Lil BUB utilizes in her videos!

The album is available for pre-sale through a variety of formats, from Digital Download to Deluxe Edition, and you can expect it to ship on Dec. 4!

Here’s the track list for the highly anticipated album:

1. Hello Earth
2. New Gravity
3. Assimilation
4. A Friend
6. Another Voyage
7. Science and Magic
8. Space Sister
9. Earth Sister
10. Rebirth

Sounds legit to us! LOLz!!!

U can buy Lil BUB’s Science & Magic wherever Lil BUB goods are sold.

[Image via Lil BUB.]

Oct 7, 2015 6:58pm PDT

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