Scream Queens‘ Women Kicked Some Misogynist Ass Last Night & Proved Why It’s All About Female Empowerment! WATCH!

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Scream Queens is becoming more and more popular and it might have to do with how kick-ass the women are on it!

Sure, some of the Chanels can be stuck up at times, but last night’s episode proved why at the end of the day, the horror comedy is really about female empowerment!

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At the center of the show, Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Billie Lourde, and Abigail Breslin all play girls that go by the name Chanel — each one has a different number at the end of their name to tell them apart — except for Roberts who is of course the head Chanel!

In a scene from last night, *SPOILERS* all the ladies are sitting around a table in the school cafeteria and eating cotton balls in order to stay thin. But they realize with a serial killer on the lose, life is too short and what they really want to do is eat pizza!

Sure it was a quick moment, but it exemplified the pressures put on women by society to look a certain way.

But then came the KICK-ASS moment!

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A guy from a fraternity at the college walks up to the women and says:

“Which one of you ladies would like to be my costume for Halloween. I’m going as dude having awesome sex with you.”

At which point one of his buddies says:

“He was just trying to be nice. okay? I mean what in the hell’s wrong with the world where a guy can’t even whistle at a girl just to tell her she looks hot?”

Chanel (Roberts) steps up and talks about how she took a women’s studies class and the pressures in society cause women to develop eating disorders. The frat boy replies by essentially asking the women to smile and just look pretty. This is when Chanel 5 (Breslin) kicks him in the nuts!

Then the women band together and stick up for one another as they continue to beat down the guy’s misogynistic ass (below)!

The creator of the hit show, Ryan Murphy, even spoke a bit about how Scream Queens represent girl power in an interview by saying:

“Your friends, in many cases, can become your family, they can become your community, they can become the people that help you and push you through the dark times. And I think that’s really what the show is about. That’s why the girls ultimately realize they don’t need the men, they don’t need the boyfriends, they don’t need the clothes. What they need is each other to save each other.”

What did you think about last night’s episode?! Do you feel it sends a good message to women or is it a bit too over the top?

Oct 7, 2015 10:22am PDT

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