This Judge Sent A Domestic Abuse Victim To Jail! Justice Served Or Just Too Harsh??

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The harsh hand of the law may have been too harsh this time.

A Florida judge is getting heat for her decision to sent a domestic violence victim to jail for failing to show up to court!

The woman reportedly failed to show up at the July trial of her husband, in which she was supposed to testify.

When Seminole County Judge Jerri Collins asked the sobbing woman why she was a no show, the alleged victim said she had “anxiety” and was “not in a good place” at the time of the July hearing.

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But the judge was unsympathetic to her excuses and sentenced the mother to serve three days in county jail! As the woman was led away, she protested:

“I have a one-year-old son and I’m trying to take care of him by myself! I’m begging you, please. Please, don’t.”

Back in April, the mother called police saying that the father of her child choked her and threatened her with a kitchen knife. She told police she didn’t want to press charges, but the state brought the man to trial regardless of her plea.

Because the woman did not testify, the charges against the alleged abuser were downgraded and he spent a mere few weeks in jail.

Collins has been getting a ton of criticism for her harsh sentence, which many have said victimized the homeless mother.

Jeanne Gold, the CEO of SafeHouse, an organization that offers shelter to abuse victims, says that the victim should have been sentenced to community service, not jail time — and rulings like this could discourage other abuse victims from calling police!

Do YOU think the judge was too harsh? Watch the courtroom footage (below)!

[Image via ABC.]

Oct 8, 2015 5:04pm PDT

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