Lance Bass Says ‘No One From *NSYNC Was Molested’! Hear Him Clarify His Comments About Being ‘Inappropriately Touched’ As A Teen!

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OK, Lance Bass needs to be careful about his wording…

During a panel on Wednesday’s Meredith Vieira Show, the SiriusXM radio host made a very shocking admission that he was the victim of inappropriate touching when he was a teenager.

The former *NSYNC member went on to say that right when the boy band was talking off two decades ago, an older man, whom Bass referred to as a “pedophile,” worked with the pop group would touch him and “the guys” inappropriately.

But apparently, the singer’s choice of wording may have confused viewers about what actually happened!

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On Wednesday, Bass clarified his comments on his radio show Dirty Pop, and he explained that he was NOT molested! He asserted:

“No one from *NSYNC was molested, that I know of. There was nothing more than inappropriate touching.”

Bass also went on to say that he just wanted to shed some light that sexual harassment happens to men as well as women.

We’re glad to hear that this wasn’t actually the case, but we think the former boy bander should be a little more careful throwing around words like “inappropriate touching” and “pedophile” on national TV!

Listen to Bass’s explanation in the clip (below)!

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Oct 8, 2015 2:44pm PDT

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