One Of Victor Cruz’s Rumored Side Chicks CONFIRMS Scandalous Mistress Group Text — Even Though She Wasn’t Included! Get Her Story HERE!

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Welp, it’s official!

It sure sounds like Victor Cruz‘s fianc├â┬⌐e Elaina Watley DID send a group message to the various women her man had been cheating on her with. Yikes!

In fact, one of the Giants wide receiver’s side pieces has since come forward to talk about the recent scandal — despite the fact that she was NOT included in the mass message sent by Miz Watley.

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Apparently, the source claims she confronted the NFL star after seeing the screenshots of the conversation circulating online. In case you forgot, the football athlete’s baby momma called out several of his sex partners and said she wanted to introduce the ladies so they could exchange notes. LOLz!

We’ve got to appreciate the sass. Still, it’s heartbreaking to learn about Victor’s reported infidelity, since the couple have a three-year-old daughter together.

She explained:

“I sent it to him and asked him what it was about and he said, ‘Exactly what it reads.'”

Oof! That doesn’t sound very good for Cruz.

She continued:

“He then said some of it was true and some was fake, and when I asked what was fake he said, ‘Does it matter?’ He’d tell me him and his fiancee were broken up and just keeping up appearances. I never believed him.”

We have a feeling Victor and Elaina may be heading to Splitsville after this particular bit of drama!

Though we are curious as to how this source was able to fly under the radar from Elaina as she included the other lady loves. Perhaps there are even MORE mistresses that we don’t know about??

The woman went on to share how she and the 28-year-old began communicating.

She relayed:

“We started texting and Snapchatting after he direct-messaged me on Instagram about four months ago. He’d always ask me to send him ‘something sexy.’
We never met├óΓé¼┬ª we were supposed to meet when he came to play here but because of his injury he didn’t travel with the Giants. I’m glad we never did.”

Ah, we see. It seems this source never made it to mistress status.

What do U think?! Does her story sound legit??

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Oct 8, 2015 9:26am PST

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