Bring It On Costars Reunite After 15 Years — And Reveal They Were ARRESTED While Filming The Movie!

Bring It On cast

Brr! It’s cold in here — Kirsten Dunst, Gabrielle Union, Eliza Dushku, and Jesse Bradford must be in the atmosphere!

The former costars reunited for an Entertainment Weekly photo shoot in El Lay to celebrate 15 years since their film Bring It On — which has raked in more than $90 million.

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This marks the first time since production that the four have been in the same place at the same time. Talk about a trip down memory lane!

During the interview, Bradford reminisced about how much fun they all had on set — you know, so much fun that they were even arrested while filming in Mexico! He recalled:

“It was me, Eliza, Rini Bell [Kasey], and this dude Lance, one of the male cheerleaders on the Toros. I’m gonna blur the details of how and why, but needless to say, we got arrested. We had to go in front of a judge — I use that term loosely here — and explain what happened. And he let us go. They said that one of the producers, Max Wong, had to bail us out, but I don’t think any of them knew what happened until well after the fact.”

Dushku, who played Kirsten’s prot├â┬⌐g├â┬⌐ in the cheerleading comedy, added:

“Thank God for those little disposable cameras that nobody ever really developed, so we never ended up on TMZ.”

LOLz! That makes us love them even more. We just wanna know what they were busted for! Hopefully just a cheer-demeanor!

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For the record, Kirsten — who was 18 years old at the time — wasn’t in on the action the night of the arrest:

“I had no idea everyone was out partying! I was just happy that it was the summer and I didn’t have to do schoolwork. I had everyone over to my house and had a pool party once, but my mom was there.”

Awww. Maybe next time, Tor.

Ch-ch-check out more pics from the shoot (below)!

If you haven’t gotten your fix quite yet, watch more from the interview (below)!

We wouldn’t mind seeing this little reunion move on-screen — Bring It On 6, anyone??

[Image via Entertainment Weekly.]

Oct 9, 2015 7:29pm PDT

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