Maze Runner‘s Dylan O’Brien Offends Pueblo Community With Claims Of Stealing Ancient Artifacts — But Was It All A Lie?!

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Honesty is the best policy!

Last month on LIVE with Kelly and Michael, The Maze Runner star Dylan O’Brien was on the show (below) to talk about the upcoming sequel to the Sci-Fi action flick — Maze Runner: Scorch Trials.

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While on the show, Michael Strahan asked the young star why so many cast members became ill during filming to which Dylan responded by saying:

“They gave us this big speech when we got there to shoot, and they said, ‘Don’t take anything. Respect the grounds. They were very strict about littering and don’t take any artifacts like rocks, skulls ├óΓé¼┬ª anything like that. And everyone just takes stuff, you know, obviously.”

Since then there’s been a bit of controversy as this alleged admission upset the Pueblo community — who created a petition for an apology from cast and crew. Roch Hart, who manages Diamond Tail Ranch in Albuquerque where the film was shot, said in a statement:

“If the artifacts are not returned, we will be contacting our attorney.”

Well, this forced 20th Century Fox to step in and investigate the situation.

Now the studio is claiming they found that nothing at all was actually taken. In a statement released by 20th Century, they said:

“Twentieth Century Fox and the entire ├óΓé¼╦£Scorch Trials’ production have deep respect for the local Native American culture and environment and are sorry that any actions or statements by people involved in the production led to any suggestion that our intentions were anything but deferential or that anything was taken from the area.”

On top of that, Mr. Hart has said the site where they filmed is NOT home to any Indian burial grounds that he knows of and they weren’t able to find any artifacts missing.

Lying about taking stuff is weird enough, but making up an ancient burial ground? Really?!

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Neither Dylan nor his rep has responded to Fox’s statement yet, but we’re definitely interested in what he has to say!

[Image via 20th Century Fox.]

Oct 9, 2015 2:44pm PDT

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