Jeremy Bieber’s Comment About Son Justin Bieber’s Peen Pics Is Vomit Inducing!

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Would you expect anything less from a man with a goatee and questionable morals?

On Friday, Jeremy Bieber disgusted Twitter with a very inneresting and disturbing tweet about his son Justin Bieber‘s special member.

Upon seeing pics of JB’s peen that circulated around the internet earlier this week, the sometimes dad decided to give his unsolicited two cents.

Check out the gross tweet (below)!

Umm… what?! We don’t even know how to respond to this!

We guess all of Bieb’s long list of accomplishments pales in comparison to his pee pee according to Jeremy.


Also, why is Jeremy even checking out his son’s package to begin with?!

Naturally, we weren’t the only ones disturbed by Jer’s proclamation… check out some reaction tweets (below)!

Well, at least the Ed Hardy fan had one supporter:


We just wonder what Justin thinks of his dad’s gross compliment…

[Image via Instagram.]

Oct 9, 2015 1:02pm PDT

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