French Train Hero Spencer Stone Was Stabbed Because He Was Defending A Woman Who Was Being Beaten? Read The Eyewitness Account!

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Say what you will about wrong place, wrong time — Spencer Stone is one tough guy.

As we reported yesterday, one of the heroes who thwarted the French train terrorist attack earlier this summer was stabbed late Wednesday night in Sacramento, California outside of a night club.

Video: French Train Hero Tells Jimmy Fallon The Attack Story

Now, we may be learning more about exactly what went down in the attack.

According to a witness who spoke exclusively to, Stone was allegedly defending a woman who was being beaten by a man on the street — and when Stone came over to help her, he was attacked by the man and some other people.

Eric Cain watched the entire incident unfold, telling reporters that Stone stepped in to help the woman — who apparently didn’t want his help, as she left with the assailants after the stabbing:

“I figured it was a girlfriend thing, I saw this girl get hit and then the whole fight, I figured it was a girlfriend dispute or something like that. I thought the girl was with [Stone] the whole time, the way he looked like he was defending her. And then she ends up leaving with the guys [who stabbed him].”

Cain details a chilling series of events that led to the unidentified woman being punched multiple times, in addition to Stone being stabbed:

“She got punched first [in the street] and then she got punched right after he got stabbed … I don’t know if [Spencer] got in the middle of a domestic dispute or something? I don’t know if she was trying to stop it or if she was instigating it. The second time she was hit she got punched in the face. You can see it right on the tape after he got stabbed, if you look at her you can see she totally gets knocked.”


Speaking of the video, security cameras from a liquor store across the street captured the suspects on camera and police are reviewing the tape (below) as they search for them, said to be three men, two of Asian descent:

Alek Skarlatos, another one of the heroes from the French train attack over the summer who is now busy competing on Dancing With The Stars, tweeted his support for and admiration of Spencer late Thursday:

And live, he will, it appears — after undergoing surgery to alleviate bleeding and internal injuries from those multiple stab wounds, Stone is said to be in serious but stable condition, resting in the hospital.

What a bizarre and unfortunate series of events. For now, it appears the Sacramento Police Department is working hard to hunt down the suspects.

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They do not believe the stabbing to be terrorism-related, nor do they think it is a hate crime — Stone had been in a gay club with friends earlier in the evening, there for a so-called “Straight Night” when the altercation spilled into the street.

At least Stone appears at this moment to be recovering from a very scary night.

Best wishes out to him as he gets back to full health and past this scary act of violence!

[Image via Michael Wright/WENN.]

Oct 9, 2015 10:58am PDT

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