50 Shades Of Grey Ruined Your Chance At Another Twilight Spinoff! See Stephenie Meyer’s Annoyed Update On Midnight Sun!

stephenie meyers talks midnight sun

Say it ain’t so!

Remember the Twilight spinoff that was supposed to be told from Edward Cullen’s point of view?! No.

Well, that’s because 50 Shades Of Grey ruined it for everyone. How, you may ask?!

Well, 3 years after Stephenie Meyer‘s bestseller book first hit shelves, a leaked manuscript titled Midnight Sun made its way onto the internet. The piece was an unfinished version of the franchise’s first book told from Edward’s POV.

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Unfortunately, the author was not ready for fans to read the passion project yet; she even felt too disheartened to continue working on it. Merp.

Many fans thought they had gotten all they would from the popular vampire series — until recently. Earlier this week, the Young Adult author explained that she was releasing Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined, a retelling of the novel where she swapped the genders of her protagonists!

OMG! Still, fans were not 100% thrilled by this news as they took to Twitter (below) asking WHY she hadn’t completed Midnight Sun:

Well, it appears that E.L. James‘ dirty, Twilight-inspired novel had a BIG something to do with it. The 41-year-old shared that after being burned the first time around, she was FINALLY ready to sink her teeth back into the project… until Miz James copied her idea with her spinoff book Grey — which tells the story of 50SOG from Christian’s perspective!

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On a New York Comic-Con panel this week, Stephenie noted that she was happy with having written two more Midnight chapters until:

“So what do you think was the top story on Yahoo the next morning? ‘Grey.’ It was a literal flip the table moment for me.”

But isn’t imitation the highest form of flattery?? We guess not since Meyer has once again indefinitely tabled working on the Edward tell-all.


What do U think?! Is Stephenie punishing her fans for E.L.’s mistake??

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Oct 9, 2015 3:43pm PDT

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