Kanye West Shares VERY Strong Words For App Developers Who Include In-Game Purchases!

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Tell us how you REALLY feel, Kanye West!

The rapper took to Twitter Friday night to share frustrations with app developers who put in-game purchases in their products geared towards children.

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Here’s what the Four Five Seconds rapper had to tweet about all that (below) as it stood regarding his daughter North, and believe us, he was heated!!!

Preach, Yeezy, PREACH!!!

There’s only one hang-up… his wife, Kim Kardashian West, has a very popular app herself — and that app has tons of in-game purchases! (Oh, and Kim’s new subscribers-only website, too!)

What do U think — is Yeezy hypocritical for criticizing in-game purchases when his wife has made millions of dollars off that exact marketing tool, or is there a difference between purchases for an app geared at two-year-olds and one from, say, Kimmy K??

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Oct 10, 2015 3:41pm PST

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