What The What?! Mother Charged With Child Abuse After Duct Taping Her Kids To Chairs And Forcing Them To Watch Mommie Dearest!

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This is quite the macabre story.

Mary Lucas, a mother of two children in Nebraska City, Nebraska, was charged with child abuse on Friday afternoon after it came to light that she duct taped her children — boys ages 4 and 7 — to chairs and made them watch the film Mommie Dearest. What?!

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The 28-year-old momma was apparently sick of the boys calling her “the meanest mommy,” so she decided to literally force them to watch Joan Crawford‘s film representation of a mean mommy in the unsettling flick.

According to court docs, though, Lucas is adamant it wasn’t her who duct taped her kids and forced them to watch what she termed “Hollywood’s perfect representation of a mean mother.”

Rather, Lucas argues, it was her boyfriend Glenn Oliver who ended up strapping down the little kids.

Court documents taken from a police officer’s report:

“Lucas stated she was not there. [The officer] asked Lucas how many times Oliver had duct taped the kids. Lucas stated she only knew of the one time.”

On a sadder note beyond the movie, though, both young boys told police they were in need of better care. The kids said they were excited to go back to school on Monday for a heartbreaking reason:

“So we can eat, we have not had anything to eat all weekend.”


The Mommie Dearest punishment is weird, but the thought of the two boys going hungry over the weekend due to neglect is truly awful.

For what it’s worth, Oliver is already in jail on child abuse and false imprisonment charges. And now, Lucas has joined him — for depriving her kids of food, as well as allowing them to be duct taped to a chair — on her own felony child abuse charges.

[Image via Nebraska City Police Department.]

Oct 11, 2015 12:23pm PDT

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